Criminal Lawyer – A Complete Guide

The police force may arrest you if they feel you have done something wrong, even if you have not done anything or broken any law. It is a chronic miscalculation done by the cops. Every year a huge number of people get penalized without even committing any crime but just because of their misstep.


In case you ever fall into such a situation, you need to know what to do before it is too late. It is important to keep your self-confidence in times like this. You have to immediately get in touch with a Sugar Land criminal lawyer. Only a lawyer can help you handle your problem in a situation like that. A criminal defense lawyer is a professional and knows how to deal with this kind of situation and remove all the charges. Here is a complete guide to criminal defense lawyers in Sugar Land.


Sugar Land Crime Statistics


Sugar Land, Texas has a crime estimate of 14 per 1,000 inhabitants. According to FBI crime data analysis, the chance of you becoming a victim of any type of crime in Sugar Land is 1 in 70. So if you ever become that 1 in 70 you need to know what to do.


A Criminal Defense Lawyer


A criminal lawyer is a professional who represents the accused who is facing criminal charges in state, federal, and also appellate courts. The lawyer fights the case as they try their best to help free the accused and clear all charges on them.


Responsibilities of a Criminal Defense Lawyer


Here are the main responsibilities and duties of a criminal defense lawyer.

  • Scrutinize the case and interrogate witnesses
  • Research on the case law, crimes codes, statutes, and procedural law
  • Construct a developed and defense case strategy
  • Negotiate and bargain with the prosecution to plea bargain and lesser charges
  • Draft, file, and argue motions to dismiss and motions to suppress
  • Speak for the defendant at trial

How to Choose a Criminal Lawyer?

Choosing the best criminal defense lawyer for yourself isn’t easy. You need to research the person before hiring him. Here are the points to check on before hiring a lawyer for yourself.

  • Interview: It is very important to first interview your lawyer. Once you interview the lawyer you will understand what he feels about the case and how he can help you win.
  • Experience: Check the experience of the lawyer. Understand how experienced he is. A more experienced lawyer is always better as the chances of you winning the case also increases.
  • Success Rate: Check on the success rate of the lawyer. This is generally available online on their pages or websites. Check on the statistics of how many times he has won the case and how many times he has lost the case. This will help you understand the possibility of your win.
  • Review: talk to his/her old clients to understand what they say about him/her. This will help you understand the lawyer and trust them more.

It is important to have some knowledge before you choose a criminal defense lawyer. A criminal battle can be very long, and it depends on the lawyer’s ability to defend your case and set you free from all the charges. So research before choosing the lawyer for you.

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