Why Should You Track The Performance of Your SEO Strategy

Is it really necessary to track the performance of your SEO strategy? Tracking your site’s performance is more than important. Unless you assess the traffic and rankings, you won’t end up locating and addressing the specific issues. When you use the right tools for tracking, you will get to locate the pages users spend time on and the ones they leave quickly. Focus on your target areas and check what is wrong with them.

Unless you track your organic search traffic, you won’t get to know if you are faring well, and worse, you’ll have no clue if Google penalized you for something that further caused your rankings to drop.

While there are plenty of tools you can use, Google’s Search Console and Analytics are two excellent tools for monitoring the organic traffic and the problems with your landing pages. They can be installed quickly as long as you can access your server. Alternatively, if you are using a content management system, you can get them installed via plugins. One of the best tools to implement your tracking codes is Google Tag Manager. This is equally simple and easy to operate as the other tools we’ve talked about.

If you are planning to go the extra mile, get a tool that’ll create heatmaps of the areas with the highest clicks. The tool will assess all your landing pages to come up with the results. Note that this tool is slightly difficult to grasp, and you need to be experienced to understand its nitty-gritty.


This yet another extremely effective SEO technique in Oklahoma City. The idea is simple: all you need to do is interlink to relevant landing pages with keyword-rich anchor texts. The process involves minimum risk and offers greater control.

So, every time you are looking to add new content, make sure it is interlinked with similar landing pages. You can also edit your old landing pages and interlink them with your new, more relevant content. Since Google works on backlinks, you can also interlink to other authority websites. Just make sure, they aren’t your competitors.

While this process is simpler for people with smaller websites, it can get slightly difficult when you have multiple pages in place. In these events, interlinking plugins or software can help you.

Other Things to Do

You can also do the following things for quicker and higher rankings:

  • Build your presence on social media
  • Keep updating and improving your existing content
  • Repurpose your old content
  • Add an SSL certificate
  • Make your website responsive (mobile friendly)
  • Optimize your Google Business Listing
  • Ask existing customers to review your site on Google

Bottom Line

Now that you have a clear insight into the things you need to do, incorporate these Oklahoma City SEO strategies right away. Remember, getting organic traffic isn’t easy. So, be patient throughout the process. Once you give it some time, organic SEO will take its course and your site will soon be ranked higher. The result: more traffic, higher conversions, and better sales.

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