Whale Watching Tours in Cabo, San Lucas – Do It Worth Your Time and Money

This pandemic named Coronavirus has ruined everything and made us all sit at home. And while we all are quarantined, we all are badly stuck and bored. We all are looking forward to a normal life without lockdown. So, instead of getting bored, think of the things you’re going to do and the places you’re going to visit after the lockdown ends. Are you tired of living in your house? Or are you in search of the best whale watching tours? If yes, then Cabo, San Lucas is the best place to visit. Cabo is extremely famous for its whale watch, it is rich in a wide variety of whales. So, if you are interested in watching different species of whales this blog is for you only. Further, in this article, we are going to discuss everything about the whale watching tour of Cabo.

Whale watching tour, Cabo

Cabo San Lucas is a city situated on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. It is popular for its beaches, water-based activities, and nightlife. Talking about the whale watching of Cabo, it’s the best and most popular. People from all over the world go to watch the beauty, the beauty, and the water life of Cabo is a treat to the eyes. You don’t need to worry about directions as the local guides and the volunteers are always there at your service. They are just so amazing as they’ll guide you each and everything, they’ll provide you the knowledge and they’ll tell you the history of the whale watching tour and the whales as well. Not only this but also the local guides are photographers, surprising, isn’t it? Yesss, they will click random pictures of you and also they’ll click pictures at your service. So no need to worry about the pictures, they will be right there with you to do such favors. Also, you can enjoy each and every view fully.

Best time to go and the things you’ll get to see

The best time to go on the tour in December.  As all the whales migrate from the Arctic to the Baja peninsula in December to give birth and to nurture their young ones. And they stay there till March or the first week of April.

You’ll get to see a wide variety of dolphins and whales in the Baja peninsula. Other than this, you’ll get to see Sea lions, whales, sharks and gray, blue, fin, and many more whales.


This was all that you need to know about the Whale Watching Tours in Cabo, San Lucas. This place is a must-visit for each and every age group and you can visit it to get the most pleasure. Also, you won’t regret the time and money that you will spend on the whale watching tour in Cabo San Lucas.

It is worth a visit.

So, begin your planning and packing for the tour. Make your mood to visit the best whale watching tour and once this pandemic ends, book your tickets and fly to the most brilliant touring place in San Lucas.

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