The Services Most of The Moving Companies Don’t Provide

Moving companies across the United States of America shifts almost everything of your house/ apartment/ business. However, they are not allowed to move some of your stuff. Here, we’ll take a look at what are the services which most of the moving companies across the USA don’t provide.

The basic work of moving companies is to pack your items, load them into a truck, transport it to the new location and then unload it. It seems a simple process, but it is not one. These are so many complications in between moving your items to a new place. To successfully shift your items, moving companies in Oklahoma City avoids shifting some items that could possibly damage your belongings or can create any obstruction during transportation.

Moving companies across the USA do not provide following services;

  • Moving companies do not move hazardous materials like bleach, ammonia, nail paint remover, corrosives and other chemicals as they can damage other products packed along with them. Luckily, most of these are household items and can be purchased easily at your new location.
  • Combustible or flammable items like gasoline, propane tanks, paints, aerosols, charcoal, kerosene etc are not transported by the moving companies as there is always a risk factor related with them. Flammable substance could become the reason for fire and these items could blast, if not handled properly. So, moving companies avoid them.
  • In the United States of America, there are certain laws about the movement related to plants. According to the law, certain plants are not allowed to move certain distances. The main reason behind this law is that some states are free of disease and insects that may not be the case with other states. As plants carries some bacteria and insects with them and thus could carry certain disease with them so, movers don’t provide the transportation of plants.
  • Movers across the USA, only transport non-living things, and pets are certainly not one of them. Trucks could get very cold or hot from inside and this condition might not suit your pet.
  • Some food items are not transported by the movers. Most of the moving companies do not transport any kind of food items. Some food items can attract insects and could potentially damage your other belongings.
  • The most obvious thing which your movers don’t move is explosives and ammunition. These things cannot be transported as they put your other packages into danger.
  • Movers do not generally move your valuables like jewelry, cash, checkbook, credit/debit cards, medicines, financial and personal documents. It is good if you keep these things by your side when you’re shifting.
  • Along with the above mentioned services, movers do not provide services like fitting of equipments at your new place and organizing your house items.

It is better if you consult your moving companies about what services they could offer and what they couldn’t do. As it will help you in saving your time in selecting what goods you want to move and what you have to leave.

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