Online Training Software – Pros And Cons

Whether it is employee-safety or managing issues with regard to production, marketing, and other such activities, there is a need for complete and regular updating of knowledge and information. The way in which training is done has changed quite a bit and there are many reasons for this. The biggest change has happened because of automation and the role of the internet and computers is extremely important, to say the least. The reason why many employees are left behind is because of lack of time. However, today with the emergence of online training software, there is a big jump in various types of training courses that are aimed at improving the safety and efficiency of the employees and other stakeholders. Today, even small and medium-sized organizations are using such online tools to ensure that their employees are well trained and well informed about safety, environment and other such matters. We will learn more about it, over the next few lines for the benefit of our readers.

 Advantages Of Online Training

 Saving time is one of the biggest and most obvious advantages of online training programs. Many employers find it tough to release their employees for such training programs, especially in a highly competitive and demanding environment. Hence, there is no denying the fact that such online training courses using software-based solutions are a blessing in disguise. The employees can make use of them in batches and then can complete the courses sitting in the comfort of their offices, factories, workplaces or even at homes.

 Ease Of Use

 Ease of use and the ability to learn the finer points of the training is very much possible using these online tools. The trainees can learn it at their own pace and whenever they are in doubt they can refer back to the module and have a revision of it. This helps them to clear the doubts quite thoroughly and there are also real-life situations and events that could also make a big difference.

 Flexible And Easy To Understand

 Most of the courses are designed carefully taking into account the various capacities and learning thresholds of the employees. It also takes into account their comfort levels with computers and the internet. Hence, this makes a big difference as far as the effectiveness of such online training courses is concerned.

 Self Evaluation

 It would also be pertinent to mention here that the software allows employees to evaluate them on a regular basis and there is grading, marking and other systems. This helps the employees to find out as to where they stand as far as their awareness about safety standards and other such options are concerned.




  •    There are some downsides as far as these online training software solutions are concerned. Most of them are readymade and therefore may not be helpful for those who are looking for specific tailor-made courses.


  •    Further, not all employees are tech savvy or computer savvy. For such people, these online training courses could be a problem and many might become non-starters.


  •    The personal touch and interaction that is often associated with personal training courses are found missing in these online courses.
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