Learn All about Bone Marrow Transplant

It is important that very learn the reason for which various transplants are required. One such transplant is bone marrow transplant which is a medical procedure by experienced and trained doctors. The need for it arises when the bone marrow of the patient is not in good condition. There are several reasons for which bone marrow needs to be replaced. If the bone marrow is infected, damaged, or destroyed due to any reason there is no other option left than going for a transplant.


Bone marrow transplant procedure – When needed


Basically, bone marrow is a fatty and spongy tissue that is present inside the bones. Blood stem cells are transplanted in this procedure . These blood stem cells then travel to the bone marrow and after reaching there, it helps in the production of new blood cells and helps in promoting the overall growth of the completely new bone marrow. One can say that this procedure helps in replacing damaged stem cells. These damaged stem cells are replaced by the cells that are healthy.


It helps in creating the below-mentioned parts of the blood:


  • White blood cells – The role of white blood cells is to fight any type of infection.
  • Red blood cells – The role of red blood cells is to carry nutrients and oxygen to various parts of the body.
  • Platelets – The role of platelets is the formation of clots.


Donation of healthy stem cells


There is no need for you to search for the donor always. Sometimes, it can come from one’s own body as well. These stem cells are grown and properly harvested before the radiation or chemotherapy starts. After the cells become healthy they are stored and are using in the process of transplantation.


Complications associated with bone marrow transplant


Transplanting bone marrow is not a simple medical procedure there are a lot of complications that are associated with it which are mentioned below:


  • You may have a headache.
  • You may experience a drop in your blood pressure.
  • Pain and nausea can also be experienced
  • Chills and fever can also be experienced after this procedure.
  • Shortness of breath has also been noticed.


These complications are short-lived and might go away with time. However, these complications are dependent on numerous factors like age, overall health, and treatments for disease, and type of transplant. There is no need to take care of the same on your own in fact you should consult your doctor in any of any type of complications or symptoms.


Risks and Benefits


The doctor will first look at the risks that are involved in this transplant is done. If the risk is more as compared to the benefit your doctor might take time to give the green signal. It only takes a week for this procedure. There are two types of transplants that are done namely Autologous and Allogeneic. Based on several factors your doctor will suggest to you which one should be done. Recovery will depend on chemotherapy, donor match, radiation, and the care taken by the patient himself and by his relatives.

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