Ladies Golf Skirts – Which Colors Suit You The Most?

Golf is about balance and style, and it should reflect on the attire you will be donning to the golf course. Apart from skills, your dress will be a statement in the field, commanding respect, and admiration from everyone present. Purchasing a new golf outfit is tricky, and there are some factors that you should keep in mind.

What Color Should You Choose?

The color of your golf skirt should go along with the skin tone you proudly own. If not, the unmatched colors will reduce the aesthetic appeal of the attire. It will somewhat ruin your presence.

If you happen to have a warm skin tone, and your hair has a color range from light brunette to dark auburn, the colors you ought to choose are these- Golden Yellow, Oranges, Reds, and Olive, Pesto, and Latte, etc. Please keep away from bright shades of Ruby and other Chill tones.

If your skin tone is somewhat in between extremely fair and extremely dark, and your hair color is somewhat in between russet and platinum, your suitable color would be Cerise, Pink, Lavender, and Amethyst.

In case you are having trouble determining the proper skin tone, or consider yourself of having a neutral skin tone, that is, neither cool nor warm, then appropriate colors for you should be Peach, Cameo Green, Blue, etc.

Choosing the Proper Outerwear

The outerwear depends on the weather and the season. If it is temperate, vests and buttoned shirts should be worn. Windcheaters are also a suitable option. Although it must be remembered that you should not layer it with denim jackets or sweatshirts. Oversized clothes impede your movement, so choosing the right size is a prerequisite.

Skirts as a bottom dress

Women in golf have a variety of options when it comes to choosing the bottom dress. Skirt, skorts, and other apparel are appropriate for golfing. If you are going with pants, it should not reach your heels. Shorts should not exceed your kneecaps. Ladies golf skirts should fall only two inches atop the knee. Skirts that have inbuilt shorts are excellent choices, they are handy and do not impede movement while golfing.  

What kind of fabric should you use?

The suggested fabric is of a quality that does not restrict movement and allows your skin to breathe. Also, it should allow moisture to pass so that you don’t get sweaty and uncomfortable. Made of polyester, microfibres, and cotton, the Polo T-shirts are an excellent choice. It should be collared since a lot of country clubs have a dress code that requires one to wear collared T-shirts on their premises.

Selecting Shoes and other accessories

A golf shoe that has spikes made of hard rubber is splendid since it does not let you slip in the field while scoring. If you do not have specific golf shoes, sneakers and other running shoes with a good grip and size can also be used. Avoid using metal spikes and casual shoes like flip flops and boots. The color of your socks should go with the color of your bottom dress. They should not exceed your ankles. On sunny days, wear visors and use sunglasses to avoid UV rays. You may also wear a stylish and sweatproof watch to give your fashion an extra edge.

Now go out there and score an Eagle, with grace and élan.

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