How Small Businesses Can Profitably Use Instagram Influencer Marketing

With numerous small businesses emerging every other day, the competition is getting fiercer in the world of online business. Among the various strategies for online marketing, the incorporation of influencer marketing is helping several small ecommerce websites with dramatic growth in their business. However, influencer marketing is not always about making it large. According to the latest study, the use of micro-influencers seems to be the most appropriate option for maximizing conversions and engaging a large number of audience members.

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms (others include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) by micro-influencers that has been helping small business owners with brand and product promotion lately. This article provides a detailed understanding of Instagram influencer marketing and how a small ecommerce website can use this marketing strategy for growth in business as well as brand reputation. However, the first thing that one needs to know is how micro-influencers can benefit small business owners.

How Micro-Influencers Can Prove Beneficial:

Prior to launching any campaign in association with any micro-influencer, one needs to be certain about the fact that the micro-influencer can deliver the results that are expected of them. Here are some advantages of working in association with micro-influencers:

Audience Engagement- The prime asset of any micro-influencer is the way in which the keep their audience engaged. It is surprising to know that they have the potential to generate way higher audience engagement as against top influencers who have followers in millions. Their ability to generate such a high engagement rate is what attracts most brands towards micro-influencers. Based on Markerly’s study on over 800,000 users of Instagram, with most users having 1000+ followers, revealed that as the number of followers increase, the engagement rate of the user lowers. Having studied 5 million posts (approx.), Markerly also found that users with less than 1000 followers manage getting their posts liked 8% of total followers, whereas users with over 10 million followers manage getting their posts liked by only 1.6% of total followers.

Reliability- The biggest reason why people follow micro-influencers is because they are considered to have expertise in their own fields/categories. For example, online visitors who have interest in dining or food will want to follow a food stylist, home cook, or some other individual with knowledge in dining or food. Followers tend to trust the tips and recommendations from any relevant influencer. Moreover, since majority of the brands try to associate with macro-influencers instead of micro-influencers, the appearance of sponsored posts is not as high as that in case of top influencers. So, when these micro-influencers recommend or vouch for any product or brand, people consider them to be more reliable and authentic.

Budget-Friendly- Opting for a micro-influencer can be financially profitable for a small business owner because their charges are not as high as that of a macro-influencer or any celebrity with reference to sponsored posts. Budget is a huge limitation for a small ecommerce website owner, which is why taking help from a micro-influencer with sufficient reach can prove useful for a small business owner.

All the above-mentioned benefits show that opting for micro-influencers for launching one’s campaign can offer high audience engagement levels. It also helps the small business SEO owner gain the trust of their target audience, especially when one is restricted by a small budget.

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