Difference Between Medical Marijuana And Recreational Marijuana

What exactly is the difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana? This is a common question which often comes to the minds of many people. The answer lies in the above phrases itself. The medicinal marijuana is used specifically for medical purposes to control, remedy or prevent certain illnesses and medical conditions. On the other hand, when we talk about recreational marijuana, it is used for certain recreational purposes and for sheer enjoyment purposes. However, we need to know a few more differences and only then will we be able to make the right marijuana near me decision.

Marijuana – Used In Many Medical Conditions

Defining the term medical marijuana from a technical perspective is not easy. Hence we would rather settle for a simple and easy answer as to what is medical marijuana. Medical marijuana consists of the entire unprocessed chemicals which are a part of any marijuana plant. These chemicals are considered to be useful in treating certain conditions and symptoms and also some diseases. However, we need to bear in mind that FDA is still to give its approval of marijuana as a medicine. But it still continues to be used for treating a host of medical conditions. We need to keep in mind that there are more than 100 chemicals in marijuana and many of them are supposed to work in quite a few medical conditions, illnesses and diseases.

What Exactly It Recreational Marijuana

On the other hand, when we talk about recreational marijuana, we are referring to a group of chemicals which are used without any medical justification to back such use. It would be pertinent to mention here that medical marijuana had more THC content when compared to the medical variants. The THC content is famous (or perhaps even notorious) for giving that high or euphoric feeling. In fact, it would also be interesting to note here that recreational marijuana has an older history when compared to medical marijuana. However, marijuana certainly has been used for both the above purposes for thousands of years.

A Few Other Differences Worth Mention

Medical weed has a higher concentration of CBD when compared to recreational marijuana. This means you will not feel high or euphoric when you consume the medical variant of marijuana. Though there is no significant difference in the concentration of CBD in both the variants, the medical variant perhaps has been made with a higher tolerance limit. Hence the edible potency of this type is more when compared to the recreational variant.

Yes, for buying medical marijuana you need a recommendation. However, this is not the case as far as recreational marijuana is concerned.  The recommendation has limited validity and must be renewed regularly by the physician or the medical practitioner who has recommended it in the first place or by some other qualified and certified physicians. Such recommendations are not needed for recreational marijuana because they are being used for getting high or being artificially happy or delirious. Further, there is a minimum age limit for purchasing medical marijuana. It is eighteen years across the board. For buying and using recreational marijuana you must be at least 21 years or more.

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