Advantages Of Ultrafilter: What Is Ultrafilter Dialysis?

Ultrafilter is a process by which the fluid can be removed from the patient. This is actually a function of the kidney which is a natural process. But there are people who suffer from kidney diseases. If the kidney is not functioning properly, then a time may come where you may need to replace this function of the kidney by the ultrafilter dialysis. The ultrafilter happens when the fluid pass through a semipermeable membrane due to the driving pressure. If you are here to know more about the ultrafilter dialysis, you are at the right place.

Ultrafiltration In Different Dialysis

In the hemodialysis, the fluid from the body is removed with the help of ultrafiltration by using the dialysis membrane. Here, the pressure on the side of dialysate is lower. Hence, the water moves from the blood to the dialysate easily.

In case of the peritoneal dialysis i.e. PD, the fluid is removed by the help of the ultrafiltration by using the lining of the belly. Hence, the water can move from the blood to the peritoneal dialysis solution across the peritoneal membrane.

How to keep the ultrafiltration to work properly?

There are certain things that you have to know in order to keep up a good ultrafiltration process. Here are some of the steps that you can follow:

  1. You must not skip the peritoneal dialysis exchanges. Complete and adequate dialysis is very important for overall health.
  2. You need to use the correct solution for PD where the right amount of the dextrose is used. You can consult with the specialist regarding this matter.
  3. You also have to manage the fluids and sodium in your diet to avoid the overuse of the peritoneal dialysis solution. You can talk to the dietician about different ways to limit the salt intake and fluid intake.

Why ultrafilter dialysis?

The ultrafilter dialysis is more popular than any other types of the dialysis. You need to know and understand that there are some major advantages. These are:

  • It requires a very low amount of pressure to operate
  • It requires a very lower consumption of energy than the nano-filtration system or the reverse osmosis
  • It requires very few manual programming and actions
  • It can help in proper disinfection of the process by removing the bacteria
  • This method is relatively much cheaper than other


Patients diagnosed with renal diseases can be quite a serious one. If you do not take proper care, it can get worse. All these can lead to several issues such as kidney failure. When the kidney fails to work on some of the essential functions that it must do, then it has to be done artificially. One such thing is the ultrafilter dialysis which you need to get done when the doctor suggests. If you notice any deposition of the fluid in your body, this can be due to the lack of the kidney functioning. You need to immediately contact your health expert and know what is the exact thing you will need to do at that point.

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