Advantages of Safety Incident Tracking Software

There is a growing demand for up to date and advanced incident tracking software or also known as EHS software. This is because there is growing importance about practicing the best of safety protocols in the workplace. As far as businesses are concerned, there is a need to be aware of the fact that most governments of the day are ready to impose high and tough penalties and punishments for any type of safety and health violations. The penalties are so high that they could negatively impact the finances of these organizations. Given the above ground realities, there are several reasons as to why it makes sense to have good safety incident software in place across all organizations, big and small.

Let Us Look At Some Figures

The statistics and figures concerning work-related illnesses are quite alarming. In this country alone, it is estimated that around 1.3 million workers suffer from illnesses that are work-related and originate from the workplace. More than 72000 workers have fallen victim to illnesses and diseases that are non-fatal and sadly they are all caused because of bad workplace habits, practices and lack of proper safety standards. Around 145 workers have suffered fatal injuries caused by negligence in the workplace. The aging workers are more at risk and the accident rates go up as they add years to their age. Hence, there is a need to address this problem urgently. This can be done only if we can understand and comprehend the obvious advantages of having the right EHS software in place.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Companies that are doing business these days are aware of the impact that their businesses can cause to the environment. Today’s customers are also vocal about their demand that companies should go in for environmental sustainability as far as their business practices are concerned. This helps in reducing pollution in general and brings down carbon footprints down quite significantly. It also reduces bring down energy costs quite a bit. The companies would be able to tell the world that they are doing their businesses ethically and in an environment-friendly manner.

Mobile Reporting

Today’s businesses require that many workers should be on the move constantly. They are required to move from one place to another. When they are away from their office desk, they may miss updates or they may not be able to give a timely update about the various incidents. Timely reporting and receiving information is critical for any EHS process. When you have the right EHS system built-in, you can operate them on mobile phones. This makes it convenient for the end-users or workers to update the information anytime and on a real-time basis. They can use the mobile devices for inspections, audits and also for reporting of incidents. Some systems also can work offline. This is again useful because there could be some remote locations that may not have access to the internet. The information in such cases can be updated without an internet connection. The data will get synced automatically once the internet connection is available.


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