5 Surprising Benefits of Social Listening

Social media listening or monitoring is not an altogether new concept but it has certainly been a less appreciated tool of social media marketing. It’s not clear why exactly it is so. It may be because of a fear of trying out something new. It can also be because both social media marketing and social listening get low priority in overall online marketing. This is strange but true. But things are looking up and both are poised to claim their due position in the online marketing space. Today, the tools for social media listening are available to both big corporations and small businesses.

Here are some of the benefits of social media listening:    

Lead generation

Social media listening or monitoring can be used for lead generation. The general thinking is that social media can be used only for raising brand awareness. But this is only half true. Businesses can explore social media to find people who can be interested in their offerings. But social media listening can help in lead generation, the responsibility of conversion rests solely with the companies. You can try out social media listening tools with flexible settings. For example, the Boolean search mode can help you refine your keyword search on social media.

Link building

Social media listening can help you build links. We already know that backlinks are very important in improving the SEO of your content or site. Search engines check out not only the website to rank a search but also social media. So now we have search tools that can search both the web and social media. This can be used to build a link for your site. Social media uses the linkless brand mentions. After you have collected linkless mentions, you can ask the website owner to add links to their site.

Protection from content theft

Online marketing demands a lot on unique and powerful content. But much of the good content gets stolen within hours and days of coming online. Social media listening can help you know about the content theft and how sometimes it’s making better ranking than the original content. That’s why it’s necessary to install a theft alert for stolen content. For this, you need a search tool that can scan both the web and the social media.

Guest blogging

As we said earlier, the online marketing piggy rides great content and each industry and niche already have their list of rock star bloggers. For someone to claim his share of the engaged audience, social media listening can be a useful tool. There are many industry sites where you can blog but you may not know of them unless you stumble upon them on social media. So, make social media listening to a tool to find you next guest blogging opportunity.

Product development

Social media listening can help you a great deal if you are looking for ideas or inspiration for your new product or project. Whatever is your niche, social media is a vast and intensely engaged community.  Members keep posting their ideas and you can find relevant ideas for your project. Social media listening can a long way in providing you inspiration and encouragement for your goals.

Final thoughts

Social media listening can help businesses in many ways from online marketing to product development. All that a business has to do is engage and use social media listening tools to leverage this great resource to their benefit.

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